COVID-19 Set Safety

Current Manitoba Provincial Response Level: GREEN - Productions Permitted

A safe set is our priority.

At Enjoy Creative, we’ve taken steps to ensure our shoots remain as safe an environment as possible for both our clients and our crew. By working with us, you’re agreeing to the following safety measures and protocols.

Safety Measures & Protocols

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Masks are mandatory on set, including talent when not on camera.

At all times possible, physically distancing of at least 6 feet between persons will be enforced.

All production equipment will be sanitized before the shoot begins and when changing hands.

All on-body microphones will be sanitized before switching between subjects.

All on-body microphones will be physically fastened by the wearer with instructions from the crew.

When possible, performers will do their own hair and makeup.

One crew member will be appointed as the dedicated safety officer. This crew member may give reminders to everyone on set to follow our safety protocols.

If anyone starts developing symptoms on our shoot day, they need to disclose this information to the safety officer and head home. This includes main talent and key personnel. While rescheduling can be frustrating, the safety of everyone involved is our number one priority.

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