Taiga Aerial Intelligence
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Wildfire Aerial Infrared Scanning

Taiga Aerial Intelligence has been providing utility helicopter charter, aerial survey, inspection, imaging and thermal scanning services for over 25 years. With an increasing prevalence of wildfires and new technologies surrounding fire suppression, Taiga wanted an efficient and effective way to explain their unique approach to aerial scanning. An approach not offered by other aerial service companies.

Through close consultation with the Taiga team, we developed a script and storyboard that communicated technical information while still promoting their service as the superior option.

We developed a clean visual style that allowed us to clearly convey challenging and complex visuals. During this project, Taiga was in the process of a rebrand. We designed the visuals to align with the new brand imagery, ensuring the video would feel at home on the new website.

Taiga finds continued use with this video to easily communicate their wildfire aerial scanning services.