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We think about video. A lot.

At Enjoy Creative, we're constantly exploring new and exciting ways to use video. We love creating awesome visuals, telling stories and moving viewers with emotion, but we also love knowing that our videos are seen by the right audiences. We care about the life of our product.

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Trevor Hnatowich

Co-Owner & Producer

BA Communications
Creative Communications Diploma

Trevor loves the marriage of creativity and technology. In his years of experience on commercial projects, film sets and documentary television productions, he’s gained an understanding of the details that go into making sure a creative vision is never clouded by technical distractions. While talking tech is always fun for fellow geeks like Trevor, his true love of video lies in something more universally understood – the power of emotion in visual storytelling.

If he’s not pointing a camera at something or watching The Sandlot for the 19th time, you can find him next to a fire and a neon yellow tent somewhere in the Whiteshell (he’s probably still pointing a camera at something out there, too).

Scott Anderson

Co-Owner & Producer

BA Communications
Creative Communications Diploma

From a young age, Scott has had a need to create videos. Whether it was creating stop-motion with lego or comedy sketches with his friends, video quickly became his natural creative outlet. This passion inspired him to pursue video as a profession. After expanding his knowledge of marketing and communications at university and honing his skills in video production at college, Scott began working in the Winnipeg video production industry. Since then, he’s worked with a wide range of clients and has helped create award-winning video campaigns.

Outside of the video world, Scott gets his competitive fix playing recreational hockey and soccer. He also consumes a healthy dose of tech news and the occasional local beer.


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