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We think about video.
A lot.

At Enjoy Creative, we're constantly exploring new and exciting ways to use video. We love creating awesome visuals, telling stories and moving viewers with emotion, but we also love knowing that our videos help others achieve their objectives.

Get to know us

Trevor Hnatowich
Co-Owner & Senior Producer

Since 2015, Trevor has been producing projects for clients around the world. From commercial content to documentary television productions and short films, Trevor has honed both his technical abilities and production knowledge.  

As a producer, Trevor guides clients through Enjoy Creative's production process, ensuring a smooth experience and a standout final product. It's here where Trevor loves the balance of creativity and strategy that it takes to see a project through.

Scott Anderson
Co-Owner & Senior Producer

For Scott, starting and growing Enjoy Creative has been an exciting journey of turning his passion into a career. With nearly a decade of experience in commercial video, he's helped produce hundreds of projects for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

As a producer, he oversees projects from beginning to end with a focus on animated projects. Scott get's his kicks from learning about new industries and ultimately finding creative ways his clients can use video to solve challenges.

Katrina Zborowsky
Project Manager

Whether it’s keeping projects organized, the office running smoothly, or deadlines met, Kat always finds the perfect balance between fun and function.

She works with all our teams to ensure that creative concepts come to life and ultimately reach our client’s objectives.

Her favourite part? Meeting new people from all different industries along the way.

Kat is the proud mom to all our office plants and of course her pup (and Enjoy’s “Office Moral Manager") Elska.

Eric Antonio

Eric has a wide range of video production experience from prepping shows for broadcast across the globe, to shooting interviews with Fortune 500 business leaders.

Here at Enjoy, he’s got one hand in post-production, one hand in production, two feet in shoes, and one hand giving a big ol’ thumbs up.

Gracynn DesChamps
Junior Producer

Gracynn's curiosity for what goes on behind the scenes led her to the RRC Polytech CreComm program and ultimately, a career in video production.

Here at Enjoy, she helps out on set, jumps into editing, and works with our senior producers to help facilitate the magic it takes to create a quality project from start to finish.

After all the brainstorming, planning, and shooting, Gracynn's favourite part of any project is seeing the first cut come together.


Are you a freelancer?

We're always looking for new video production freelancers to add to our roster. Whether you're a DP, director, editor, animator, or jack-of-all-trades videographer, we'd love to hear from you.

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