Five Types of Marketing Videos that can Benefit your Business

There has never been so many ways to share and watch videos. While this variety has made video content a versatile marketing tactic, it can be difficult to determine what type of video is right for your needs. We’ve outlined five types of marketing videos that will help you get started.


Explainer videos are one of the most common types of marketing videos. Usually one of the first items on a home page, explainers provide a short, effective way of helping a visitor quickly understand what you do and what you offer.

Explainer videos do exactly as their title suggests - they explain a product, service or concept as efficiently as possible. They often begin by presenting a problem and then introduce the product or service as a solution. A good explainer should be one or two minutes long and provide just enough information so that the viewer will want to dig deeper and learn more.

Here’s a great example of an explainer.


Once a potential customer has an understanding of what you offer, they’ll want to see examples and learn how others have benefited. Testimonial videos are the perfect solution and can help move your customers through the consideration stage onto conversion.

Today, testimonial videos come in many flavours. Simple interview-driven testimonials can provide a lot of value as they are fairly straightforward to produce. Documentary-style testimonials can be really powerful as they give a more in-depth look into the customer’s experience. This can be especially effective for creating an emotional response with viewers.

Square has some excellent testimonials that hit it home with emotional impact. 

Product Demo

Here’s a situation you’ve probably experienced. You’ve just discovered a great new product online, however, it doesn’t have many pictures and definitely no video. This is can be a frustrating experience. Pictures, and even more so, videos are the best way to get a sense of products while shopping online.

Product demo videos provide far more detail than what pictures and text provide. Within a minute or two, a video can show the viewer your product from any angle and demonstrate how it’s used. This can be that extra motivator for customers considering your product.

Take a look at how Patagonia uses video for almost all their products. 


How-to videos can benefit your marketing strategy in two ways. First, they can attract new potential customers by simply providing the answer to a commonly searched question. Second, they can be an excellent after sale support by helping your new customers get the most from your product or service.

How-to videos don’t have to be complicated. They should clearly and concisely provide the viewer with an understanding of how to accomplish something and that’s all. Avoid extra fluff that slows down the video – this will only frustrate your viewers and give them a reason to stop watching.

Here’s a nice example of a How-to video by PayPal.

Social Stories

Social stories. So hot right now. If you use Instagram or Snapchat then you already know all about social stories. These in-the-moment vertical videos provide viewers with an insider view of everything from their best friends to celebrities to businesses.

As a business, social stories give you a whole new way to connect with your audience. Try providing daily behind-the-scenes views of your business. Or craft a short story and tell it by shooting 3-5 segments. As a relatively new video format, new ways of using social stories are happening all the time.

Social stories have a short lifespan, meaning I can’t share a specific example. Take a look at Google, Poler Stuff and Travel Manitoba as they often have interesting story content.

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