Use Video to Connect with Your Audience During COVID

While you might not be able to connect with your audience in person, you can turn to video to keep your brand engaged with your audience online. Livestreams, YouTube channels, and vlogs – discover how these kinds of videos can help your organization!


Today we’re talking about audiences.

Over the past year, some of the normal ways we connect with our audiences are longer possible. Seminars, lunch and learns, workshops – even a cup of coffee is off the table.

So what happens? Your audience is still out there, ready to be engaged.

Let’s explore how video content can play a big role in maintaining that connection with your audience and perhaps even lead to growth and greater engagement.

First off, what are your options to connect with your audience? How can video help you? There’s plenty out there –everything from starting a YouTube channel, vlogging, to using social stories. There’s also more structured online events -things like webinars and livestreams -that have really taken off, and for good reason.

Livestreams and webinars can be many things, but they’re often used as virtual versions of your workshops, seminars, or panels. Guests can RSVP and attend just like they would in person.

For many, you already have the building blocks of what you need in place. You can take your past presentations, pitches, lesson plans, whatever -and adapt this content to be presented online.

Even if you don’t have a ‘formal presentation’ so to speak, you can still use live streaming in many ways. We’ve seen creative brands use livestreams as a great content marketing tool.

Maybe it makes sense for your brand to host a live talk show once a week where you bring in a guest from your industry and you chat about news, events, past projects, share tips, etc. Have some fun with it!

Or maybe instead of live streaming, it makes more sense for your brand to start a YouTube channel. What might this look like?

Well, it’s going to be different for every brand. But YouTube is a platform that rewards consistent, quality content. Some of the best brands are creating “shows” for their channels -fun concepts that add value to their audience’s lives. The best place to start might be thinking about what you value when looking for content on YouTube –is it informative and helpful? Is it purely entertaining? A mix?

From there, you’ll want to really think about your audience. Give them valuable information and content, and you’re off to a great start.

Lastly, you may want to look into video blogging or “vlogging”. It’s a great way to share your knowledge in a format that engages your viewers.

Vlogging comes in many, many, different styles. On YouTube, daily vlogging has taken the world by storm. For businesses, it might not make sense to dedicate your resources to something that intensive.

Think of using a vlog to compliment your existing blog efforts. Anything that you’d normally write as a blog post can be turned into a vlog. It’s a great way to show that you’re active as a business, and to connect with those in your network.

At the end of the day, these forms of videos not only offer a form of human connection -of a “realness” and rawness that is missing from a lot of interactions that take place online, but they also continuously add to your brand’s reputation and perception of being atthe forefront of your industry. Of being a thought leader.

So can livestreams, webinars, vlogs and YouTube channels replace your in-person events for good?

Not completely! But it does open up the door to engage your audience online right now. And in the future, it can be a perfect compliment to your in-person events.

If you want to chat about how to get started with creating video content for your audience, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to help.

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