Winnipeg Sea Bears
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Day One

The draw of a new sports team to any city is always exciting, but when the CEBL announced a team coming to Winnipeg, we knew we had to be a part of it. 

We’ve done sports videos in the past, but nothing quite like this; we were introducing the inaugural season of the Sea Bears, Winnipeg’s first professional basketball team since 2001.

We worked alongside Brandish to develop the concept for the “Day One” campaign. Our top priority was making sure we connected this new team with the already existing basketball fanatics of Winnipeg. We did this by featuring local basketballers, from JV school teams to past professional players. We invited them all out (in the middle of winter) to play some ball on some iconic courts around Winnipeg, including what would be a dream court destination overlooking the downtown skyline. 

So what happened next? The campaign resonated with the basketball community and the Sea Bears went on to set the top seven attendance records in CEBL history. Not bad for an inaugural season. Go Sea Bears!