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Don't Quit Yet

Canadians are looking to find more meaningful work without the risk that comes from quitting their day job. Robertson College provides Canadians with just that, but lots of folks are unaware of the college and their flexible programming.

To increase brand recognition throughout Manitoba and Alberta, our friends at Brandish developed the “Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Yet” campaign. This campaign highlighted three relatable work situations all set in a typical “drab” office space. Our goal? Bring those situations to life and position Robertson as the school that will help people reach their goals.

Our role involved all stages of production. We assisted with development including script consultation and storyboarding. Pre-production ran the gamut including casting, locations, crewing, legal, wardrobe, equipment and more. Production was over two action packed days that left us creatively charged and ready for post. In post production we completed editing, colour, sound and ultimately delivered three spots in 30-second, 15-second and 6-second versions.