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1919 - The Good You Deserve

Since 2016, Little Brown Jug has been producing 1919, the belgian-inspired pale ale found in fridges and taps across Manitoba. Its flavourful yet easy-drinking profile makes it a popular choice whether you are a beer aficionado or not. So when UpHouse approached us to join forces on the 1919 “The Good You Deserve” campaign, we couldn’t resist. 

The challenge was to position 1919 as an approachable beer, as perfect for everyday occasions as it is for life's bigger moments. The campaign concept was centered around the people who work hard and show up for others, not for the praise or the recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do. This was brought to life through three different scenarios. Each scenario would be cut into its own spot, and a fourth compilation spot would blend all three.

This campaign came with some unique challenges, from filming a nighttime bar scene at 8am, to blacking out a full sunroom in order to capture the perfect cozy atmosphere. And of course, we can’t forget the inherent challenge of advertising alcohol on television.

We worked closely with UpHouse to ensure a smooth production and leaned on our vast freelance network to round out our crew.

The spots launched as part of an integrated campaign and included broadcast placements during the NHL playoffs. The results? The campaign resonated with viewers and Little Brown Jug saw increased demand for 1919 from restaurants including demand for 1919 on tap.