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Canada's Heart is Calling

There are a few briefs that you hope cross your desk in this industry, and anything travel related ranks real high on that list. So when UpHouse came to our office on a sunny afternoon to bring us on board for the launch of a revamped Travel Manitoba brand, we celebrated and then got straight to work.

Almost as quickly as it began, we were criss crossing the province filming some of the best locations — and friendliest faces — that Manitoba has to offer. From Churchill to Falcon Lake to Winnipeg, this project was focused on not only the natural beauty and amazing experiences in Manitoba, but also the range of emotions that people experience while traveling here. Whatever your heart needs, Canada’s Heart is Calling.

Of course, filming every experience that the province has to offer was just not logistically possible. The final videos of this campaign were made up of a mix of the footage that we captured alongside footage from Travel Manitoba’s vast archives to fill things out. For music, we worked closely with local artists to track down and license the perfect songs to match each spot.

The end result? We produced five campaign spots with distinct broadcast and social versions, we produced the Behind the Brand video you see above, we produced a series of videos telling the stories of merch makers who partnered with Travel Manitoba, and we produced a collection of customizable animated graphic elements for future productions. From there we produced additional spots and continue to work closely with UpHouse and Travel Manitoba in support of the brand’s video content.